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Cool Cardamom Chai

Cool Cardamom Chai

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Cardamom, also known as Ela or Elaichi, is considered to be the queen of spices beacuse of its pleasant fragrance and taste. It balances all three doshas according to ayurveda. Let your body experience its wholesome goodness in every cup of Davik Cool Cardamom chai. 

Empty the contents of the sachet in a cup, add hot water (100ml), stir and enjoy! Includes milk and sugar.


    Cardamom Chai sachet makes a wonderful cup of Tea. The sachet includes tea, milk, sugar and cardamom. Tear the sachet, Pour the contents in a cup, Stir hot water (100ml) and Drink. Let the cardamom chai make your day! Enjoy!

    Each pack contains 10 cardamom chai sachets to make 10 cups (120ml each) of tea.


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